Allotment and Greenhouse..

Well what a grey day..its raining cats and dogs here..but its not cold so thats a bonus..i am watching our chickens poddle about int he pen..they had a frog last night..poor thing was pecked to death ..we found its remains this morning..
As promised i have pics of our even better news we are now second on the list for another fingers crossed it won't be too long to get it.

Onions and shallots

Potatoes earthed up
View from the bottom upwards
Doesn't it look good..i can't wait til our New Potatoes are ready..they taste so good with butter in top and i like them even better cold,sliced and fried with a bit of bacon and eggs..yummy.

Tomatoes growing nicely
Cucamelons ready to go

Lobelia all ready

Now this is my lovely hubby's greenhouse..its like sacred ground in here..he has a talent for growing..he loves nothing more than buying a plant and taking cuttings from them and getting them to grow..its a much cheaper way of getting lots of plants that you like..

Here is our cucumber as well..its variety called Sherpa..we have never grown it is doing really well
Here are some veggies ready to be planted at the allotment and some lettuce for a tub here at home..

And i have found some lovely little fruit on my pear tree and plum tree..apples not showing yet but we are always hopeful they produce for us..

So that ladies is a quick tour of our allotment and greenhouse..
O hang on i have more baby pics too..ooh so gorgeous..will do a separate post for them
How is all of your veggies and fruits doing..are they coming along nicely..
take care


  1. Fantastic - looks like you will be eating well! It is nearly time here to get potatoes in, so I am preparing the bed soon.

  2. Nothing better than your own veg is there..


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