Hello everyone..how did this post get here???..

Hi my name is Sara . I have been reading blogs for a while and thought i would give it a go myself.
As my blog says its about being Frugal and living in Lincolnshire.
From having money to do as we pleased to having to watch every penny..we have learnt lots of new things and have actually fallen in love with a frugal life-style..so please join us on our journey,and maybe we can learn from each other.
We have worked hard to become debt free and want to keep it that way..i can't wave a magic wand to help others in debt but i can help even if it's just to listen.
I will post pics of projects and gardening ..i am notoriously camera shy so you won't see me.
I honestly don't mind you pinning on Pinterest at all and i will give credit to other blogs and authors if i use their work.
Please bear with me as i go along,no doubt i will make mistakes but i am willing to learn from everyone and anyone.
I am Home Schooling my 2 youngest daughters and will often post about our work or projects.
I love Vintage things and old books..well any book really..i have passed the Book Worm bug on to all my daughters..my son however doesn't enjoy them.
My husband of 29yrs is a lovely man and my best friend,wonderful father and grandfather and one of the best breadmakers i know.
We have embraced all frugality and thriftyness..we have an allotment and 3 beautiful chickens who keep us in eggs most of the year.Our garden is important to us as well..we have fruit trees all growing nicely and with having small ones we have to have a place for them to play and have a swing set.
I am embarking on redecorating our home for as little as possible and have some brilliant ideas i want to try out. Any ideas will be gratefully accepted.
So that's me..saying Hi and Welcome
The first harvest we had ever grown.



  1. Found you Sara, well done on the Blog, will be following you

    Marie x

  2. Brilliant .... now I can 'Follow' you. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. xx

    1. Hi sue..thank you so much..and i love this little world of blogging..


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