Fun in the pool..tinged with a little sadness..

Hello all, how are you doing?
The weather is warm very warm..and not going to last so i'm told..we have grey clouds here and a breeze has picked up..the breeze is very welcome..i have windows open and doors to let it blow through the house.
We had to buy a new pool..unfortunately we lost the caps on our other one and it also had several miniscule punctures that no matter how hard we tried we couldn't pinpoint them..not very frugal but we have had it for a few years .
 The girls spent ages in the pool today..playing ,splashing and jumping around..they would get out to have a drink and something to eat then get back in again..plenty of suncream was used on them.
Here they are giving you all a wave from the pool.
 This poor little fella died..he was in the chicken pen having some free food..he obviously didn't hear hubby coming and in his panic flew into the roof and broke his neck..we were hoping he was just stunned but no it wasn't to be..we put him in a small little grave at the bottom of the garden.
What have you been doing to keep cool?


  1. I am thinking I will get a paddling pool just for me. 64 is not too old is it?

    1. Hi Trish..o go for it..i did..i had a splash around and felt great afterwards


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