The twins came for a visit..

Hello all,how are you today?
Isn't it nice..warm in the sun but a little chilly when it goes and in and the wind blows..but still i have laundry out and its drying.

Yesterday the twins came with their Mum and Dad for a quick visit..i got out the big bag of baby toys for them to play with and then just gave the lot to Annie to take home.
We used to swap toys over every few weeks when our babies were little..we would keep so many in a box then some more upstairs out the way..then swap them over..its surprising how much they loved to get up to new toys..but in reality they have been in a box for a while.

The girls were a little tired but still had some fun with their Aunty Fern and Iris..
Infact i am not sure who liked playing with the toys as much..still it was nice to see them all playing together.

Esme at the back in a pink top and Olivia at the front with the grey top..they did have matching tops until Olivia got into the pot of Sudocreme....they were excited by the new toys and i hope they get lots of enjoyment out of them. Plus i get rid of a big bag of them from my spare room.


  1. Awww ... what lovely pictures :-)

  2. The are so gorgeous you just want to smoosh them entirely..


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