Just one baby...

Hello all i hope that your all ok..sorry for being missing but i have got this darn awful headache..its been hanging around for 3 days now..its still here but  i am fed up with it now..painkillers are not working so i am stumped.
Well anyway...i am not going to let it stop me anymore..i have been busy and so have the rest of the family.
It was my eldests daughters birthday on Monday and i went to see her.
It was a lovely visit..she got a lot of beautiful and thoughtful gifts and was extremely happy as she received her first Mum card..
The twins were down for a nap when i got there..best let a sleeping baby sleep.
Unfortunately Olivia is teething something wicked and woke up from her nap..Esme carried on napping and i don't blame her either..Olivia is such a bubbly chunky little thing..

So i got to see only one baby..but isn't she gorgeous..


  1. Hi Sarah

    Looks as though you had a lovely visit. Just a small mention, if you are getting a repeated headache that pills are not touching it could be because you are not drinking enough water. It might be worth checking. What I do when I have a bad head that will not go away is to massage my ear lobes one at a time, it helps to release some of the tightness. Remember central heating on at home can help dehydrate you too. Hope it helps.

    Pattypan xx

  2. The nasty flu bug that is doing the rounds starts with a few days headache,hope it is not that.


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