Happy New Year..

Hello all, how are you all doing today?
Welcome to my 2 new followers,,Enid and Laurie.
As its the Chinese New Year on Monday we have been doing some work on China and how the Chinese Horoscope came in use..fascinating really..ever wondered why they never have a year of the Cat..look it up and find out.
We learnt about The Great Wall of China and also made some crafty bits.

 As its The Year of the Monkey we cut out some masks..
 We also made some Dragons..
 The Chinese Cherry Blossoms are absolutely stunning..i love to see them on the tv..and as we need some colour and cheeriness in this weather..we made our own.
This month is an expensive one for us..i have my eldest Daughters Birthday on Monday..then my Parents who share their Birthdays..then my Son and then my Parents Wedding Anniversary..i am planning on making edible gifts for them..so it will be their favourite cakes for presents.
I was born in the Year of the Monkey...way back..


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