Friday, 29 January 2016

More Treasures unearthed..

Hello all how are you ?
The last few days i have been busy with the girls doing school work..and our latest topic on The Human Body..we have done smells tests,tastes tests etc..but yesterday we did Touch and also learnt a tiny bit about Braille..i asked the girls to describe what they thought their favourite colours would feel like and also what they thought they would smell it was they thought
Pink..warm and fragile plus it would smell fruity
Blue..cold and wet and smell salty
Green..soft and bendy and smell like fresh cut grass and apples..strange how i agree with them..
Anyway they spent this afternoon tidying up their bedroom and sorting toys out and restacking the little bookcase..
They worked well this week ..
Fern's spelling test

Iris's Math work
 This is my Grans old Brass Bell..this took some cleaning but its so shiny now..
Doesn't it look lovely..the girls love it..they keep picking it up and ringing it..poor Jack is going crazy he doesn't like it..
 These apparently are quite rare..2 Brass? Wall Plates..both have Made in England on the back..i am not sure what to do with them to be honest..
 They are so hard to get clean..i had arm ache something wicked after .but they look better than they did.
 I finished painting the Mirror Frame.
 This is my very messy Pantry..everything shoved in..its not normally this bad but as i knew we are redoing it i have been a bit lazy..
 Totally empty..
 The contents are now boxed up in the Dining room..
 I am ashamed to say that i found this beauty hidden at the bottom of my Pantry under some boxes..a Brexton Picnic Set..i had totally forgot about it..its not complete and never was..but its in really good condition so its going on Ebay..
No keys for the case but it locks and opens just fine..needs a clean but its an amazing find ..

This week has been busy but fun as well..we got the Wii Fit board out so we can get some more exercise hubby felt insulted by the was funny when it said you have put quite a bit of weight on since we last met..i had to leave the room as i was giggling..and then watching him try to do some yoga moves was hilarious..he is about as bendy as a plank of solid wood..bless him but he is trying so he has Brownie points for that..then it was my turn..apparently i have the Wii Fit age of 75..yep you often see a 75 year old run up the stairs 2 at a time..well never mind i will use it to tone up and keep my weight at what i am now.

We have had good news on our sons job..he was offered a permanent contract when his temporary one ended..he was so happy and we are very pleased for him.

We had our Potatoes delivered that we ordered..only to find only half turned up..we rang them to see what had happened to the other be told that it was a glitch on the website and that it should be £16 for 7.5kg not £16 for 15kg..but that as it was there mistake they would honour it and the other half turned up this morning so thats good news too.

I have a really good week selling on old record player went so did the Sega Mega Drive and Curtains..i also sold the Super Nintendo Paypal is looking pretty good at the moment..the money is for a new Shed roof and also some Hornbeam Bushes for the front garden..
Our bills are all paid for another month and even though we went to town on Monday and spent a little money on the essentials i needed and some jars ..we are doing ok..
My meal plans seem to be working Pantry list is coming in handy too..i can look and see what i have and haven't got..i then add that to my shopping list.
Our grocery bill is still coming down..i am using more from the Freezer and Pantry to put our meals together.
Once the allotments are producing again i am hoping to get the bill down even more..i have spoken to everyone and told them that really they will have to eat what i plan for..some nights it will be veg based meals and that they really,really will have to get used to it..also they will have to try new stuff.

Our Chickens have started to lay every other day..thankfully..i have half a dozen eggs now which is a god send..i do miss the fresh eggs from them when they go into the moult..they look like new chickens now..all plumped up and new feathers..strutting around..we are hoping to extend the pen this year..we have the wire and wood..all we need now is a break in the weather and the ladies can have a bit more room.

I want to wish Sue from Our New Life in the Country a Happy Anniversary..keep on blogging babe.

Right i am off to write down names for the Book Draw tomorrow..
take care all.