Twas the night before Christmas..

Hello all, can you guess what tonights story was..

We love this story..its so simple..the book i got years ago and i can't remember if i bought it or it was a gift...its a lovely pop up book.
Today has been another busy day..we iced Gingerbread cookies..i did cheat and buy the icing pens from £land..
 I think they look good..they taste great and we had a nice hour together doing it..i seriously thought we may run out of choc drops as the girls kept eating them..
 These icing pens are brilliant..i will definitely get another set.
 We has a visit from just one of the twins..Esme as you can see she was thrilled to be here..bless her..she was hungry..and i tried to distract her with the camera and didn't turn out to good.
 She stopped and stared..then made a grab for the camera strap..
 It made her happy ..
 So we left her to it..she had her bottle and went home to have a nap..her sister Olivia was really grumpy so her Daddy took her home earlier and let her have a proper nap.
 Last year my mum had a clear out and i received some Christmas Napkins,Tablecloth and Table Runner..

 My Christmas table is going to look amazing with these on it.
 I got my old China Cake Stand out and gave it a wash..
 I also brought out the Gravy Boat and Sauce Dish..
 The Big Serving Dish
 My Grans Glass Cake Stand..

 I have cooked our Turkey and got the veg ready.
The girls went for a walk with their Dad and the dog..they went to see the lights that are up all over the area..its a little tradition we started years ago..but in reality its a cover so i can get the presents out of the hiding place upstairs and hide them in the utility area..we do this every year..much better than trying to sneak presents rustle of paper too many and we may have some awkward questions to answer.
So ladies i am off to have a drink then get ready for the chaos that will ensue tomorrow..its a nice kind of chaos though..
take care


  1. Wishing you a lovely day from Down Under!

    1. Hi Rebecca..i hope that you have had a lovely time too


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