Strawberry Creams yummy..

Hello all..thanks for the lovely comments about enjoying our break..we certainly will..we can relax for a little while..the girls have had a good day doing bits and bobs and coming to the shop with me.
So this afternoon we decided to make some chocolate goodies..i found a great recipe for Peppermint Creams..but i fancied Strawberry Creams..i have been looking for some Strawberry flavouring for ages..i finally found some in Home Bargains for i got 2 of them.
The recipe actually made 54 but we won't eat that many so i halved it..we still had a lot and my house smelt of Strawberries for a while.
Here is my halved recipe..
28 grams of butter
1-2 tablespoons of milk
1/4 teaspoon of flavouring
few drops of food colouring
227 grams of icing sugar
bar of nice chocolate..milk or plain or even white ..its your choice.

Get 2 trays ready with greaseproof paper..
 In a large pan melt your butter with the milk,flavouring and not bring it to the boil though
 Add the icing sugar when it has cooled down a little..mix it well and form into a soft ball. If not add either more milk or icing sugar..mix it with hands to make it more pliable.
 Turn onto a board with icing sugar on it
 Iris was Chief Taste Tester..i did add a little more flavouring and mix it more.
We rolled it out and cut out shapes..we did this about 3 times using just about every bit of it.
I had no Greaseproof Paper left.
 We melted our chocolate and then dipped them in it..i forgot to take a picture of this..we did about 8 in Dark Chocolate and the rest in Milk Chocolate..pop them in the fridge til set..we then put them in a jar but this one was spare so we tested it..i love the pink colouring i think i got it right..was worried i may end up with Blood Red ones lol...
 We are keeping them in the fridge and they will be brought out as a treat after Christmas Lunch..when you have that sit down after washing up ..
 Have you made any chocolate treats for Christmas?


  1. Haven't made any but have received tons! Not that my tummy needs them.

    1. Hi ..we may receive some but i love making my own..and my tummy doesn't need them either but my brain and mouth are telling me i do..

  2. I was trying so hard to ignore the chocolates in the cupboard. Yours look so lovely that my willpower has gone straight out of the window.

    1. Hi sorry..i try to ignore them but they seem to call to me as i walk past..i ahve no will power whatsoever..

  3. They look lovely, what a brilliant change from peppermint creams.

    1. Hi Sue..i actually bought some After Eights as they are my favourites..along with Ferrero Roche,Matchmakers,Fry's Choclate Creams..o sorry went into a chocolate daze there..i may have a go at Orange Creams if i get time..i love Chocolates..


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