Santa's Noisy Night..

Hello all how are you all today?
Its been a bit busy and also lazy day..mixed up day..i have cleaned my Silver Candelabra and my lovely Glass Candlesticks..i also did loads of washing and ironing yet i found time to watch tv in between..i also wrapped some last minute gifts and got them put away.
Back to our story for the day..
 Poor old Santa is all excited about Christmas..but he is singing too loudly.
 The Reindeer tell him to be quiet or he will wake up the Children when he visits them.
 He is that excited he missed the first roof..
 But he landed in the garden and got covered in snow
 He slipped on ice..the Snowman said Shhush Santa,don't wake the Children
 He jumped at a Jack in the box..the Dog said Shhush,don't wake the Children
 He tripped on tinsel..the Cat said shush,don't wake the Children
 He finally got finished..and went home to have some Cocoa and fell asleep..the Mouse told the Reindeer to shush don't wake Santa
This book is so sweet..i love to see the look on Iris's face when she sees Santa is all excited about delivering gifts..bless her..the book is a Pop Up only cost me 50p from a Charity Shop last year.

Welcome to my new follower Felicity..i love your blog by the way..i popped over to have a read..
Right have to go and have an early night..i have the grand-daughters tomorrow and they will be dropped off at 8.30..
take care


  1. Lovely book! Enjoy your day with your granddaughters. We had ours yesterday, almost four years old and very excited about Christmas.

    1. Hi is a lovely book..and we didi enjoy our day with the girls..both super excited about Christmas..


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