Santa's Busy Day..

Hello are you all today?
We have been doing our school work and Iris now has moved up a level with her reading..her sight phrase work is so good..she has moved up to the 4x tables now and Fern is on her 6's..they can both say them by heart and have quick fire questions at the dinner table from their Dad..they are both so good and answer quickly and correctly. The spelling tests are going well..Fern has 20 to do and a bonus Star word. Iris has 10 but is going to move up to 15 after Christmas.We are going to break up on Friday or Thursday..not sure yet.

Todays story is all about Santa being busy and saying his favourite part of it all is reading the letters from the children.Then an elf finds a lonely toy that gets left behind year after year,its a toy train..Santa pops it in his sack anyway..then he reads a lovely letter from Tina and Tom who ask for a surprise for their Daddy..well after some mix ups and mishaps Santa finally meets Tina and Tom..and their Daddy..poor Santa is a little embarrassed by not knowing what to give him..he feels in his big sack and finds the the last toy..the one that gets left behind every year..the toy train..he pulls it out and gives it to the dad..who is totally surprised and loves the gift..Tom then says " Santa always knows what to give " Santa saves the day. He then goes home to put his feet up and have a cup of warm milk. Lovely story.


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