Salt Dough Decorations..

Hi all..we spent yesterday afternoon making tree decorations using Salt Dough..i found this and printed it off and basically left them to it..sounds mean but they have to follow direction and learn to work things out for themselves..the instructions are clear and precise..and the did well.

We had a lot of shapes and they dried out ok..i forgot to take a picture of them..sorry but i will update when i have. We are going to paint a few of them and pop them on our tree.
The girls also helped their dad to make French was delicious and didn't last long either.
Simon has been catching up on inside jobs,we had to replace a carpet tile in the porch as Jack had chewed on it..and he relaid 2 floor tiles that for some reason just didn't want to stay down. He also made and put up a curtain track for the back door..we have a pair of old curtains that we will alter to fit the doorway. The door is thick but when the wind blows you can feel the draught from will help keep it warmer in the porch i hope.
take care


  1. Great idea on the curtain! We recently did this for the front and back door. The difference it made is amazing, and the heat seems to stick around a lot longer

  2. Hi Sarah..we already have one at the front door..the back door though never got a look in until now..we are hoping to make it more cozy for us.


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