Recycling old canvas pictures..

Well it was a bit miserable to go out today..we decided to do a craft instead..
I have several old canvas pictures that have been taken down when we have decorated rooms..i haven't thrown them away as i kept thinking this will come in handy somewhere..not sure where but then i had a look on Pinterest and saw lots of amazing ideas..i love Pinterest can you tell :).
So here is what we only took and hour and the girls did it by themselves i did supervise and help when they didn't have enough hands to hold bits down..but other than that they did 98% of it alone. I did help with the cutting out on tricky bits.
Old canvas and a very old book that is for craft projects.

Two lovely pictures i printed out

Old book pages all torn up into nice sized bits

Iris gluing paper onto the edges

Fern doing the same

We covered the canvas in the old book pages..then cut out the owls and stuck them on..i love them and it didn't cost a penny to do..i am doing one of my own and will show you it tomorrow..
take care


  1. Those are amazing, well done girls :-)

  2. They are aren't they..we are going to put them up in their bedroom..

  3. Oh no....please, please don't murder old books. All books are precious items and should be allowed to fall to pieces quietly in a corner.....

  4. Hi Joy..the book was literally falling to pieces..i saved the illustrations.


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