Making my cones smell of Cinnamon..

I love my house to smell welcoming and use different scents to achieve this..i love Lavender and Rose but in the Autumn and Winter i adore Cinnamon ..i saw a post on Pinterest last year it intrigued me and i made my mind up to do it this year..
Put pinecones on a tray and bake..very low heat for about 15 minutes. Take them out and allow to cool.

Cinnamon oil and 2 freezer bags.

When cones are cool place them in a bag..add oil and shake..add more oil and shake again.

Put the first bag inside another bag..seal it up and put in a warm place.I put mine  in the airing cupboard.

Mark 4 weeks on the the bag and add more oil..leave for another week and then they should be good to go..i am going to place mine in vase near the front when you come in hopefully you will be welcomed by lovely Cinnamon.
I have some other things i want to try as well..will post about them as i do them..
What have you tried and loved..


  1. just found you, love this idea will give it a go. I don't have a blog but love dipping into others lives.

    1. Hi Phyllis..o you are most welcome anytime


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