I have a floor..happy dance!!!!

Hi all..how are you all doing today..isn't it chilly in the wind. I do hope that none of you have been affected by storm Abigail..
Welcome to my new follower Thrift Deluxe..i hope that you enjoy reading  my little blog.
Now ladies/gent ..i have a new floor down today..and wow what a total transformation it has made to my kitchen..i love it..what do you think?
 Now Jack has no where to hide..he doesn't blend in with the black floor anymore..he is looking a bit shaggy so he is off to the groomers on Monday.
Ok here is a total costing of the kitchen
Cupboards=0 already had them in the shed flat packed.
Worktop=0..it was in the utility area doing nothing.
Door knobs=0..already had some left over from doing the girls and ours bedrooms.
Tile paint= 0..found it in the shed..bought it and never used it.
White emulsion=0..had it left over from decorating bedrooms
Emulsion for walls=0..had it in the shed bought a few years ago and never used.
White cupboard gloss paint=£13.99
Flooring= £21.89...bought floor tiles from B&M..11 packs at £1.99 a packet.
I have to yet buy some new blinds but so far all it has cost us is
And i have a totally re-vamped kitchen..not bad.
take care


  1. Sara it looks gorgeous, and at hardly any cost, well done. It looks as though you and Simon have worked really hard. You will rnjoy making all your delicious cakes even more now.

    Love and hugs to everyone

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie..yes we have both worked hard and got it done for a small budget..i think they will taste that bit sweeter..happy cook=nice meals.
      love to you jess and flora

  2. Looks brilliant mum! Well done xx

  3. I love your bargain floor :-)

    1. Thank you Sue..i am pleased with it


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