Been painting again..

Well after wallpapering the dining room wall ,i decided that my pictures needed and updo..they were white but looking a bit out came the Matt Black tester pot..
 My little sign got a make over too

 The Chandelier all clean and sparkly
 And the Flower Fairy Alphabet is finally finished..i have had to wait to get a frame..
 The new frames ..i love the House of 5..i printed it off last year and finally got to use it..the other picture is a print as well..i love both of them.

 The other wall in the dining room..looks a bit sparse bit i have 3 more to go up..
All in all it has cost me £1 to redo all the frames..not bad really.
take care


  1. Thats good, just goes to show you don't need to spend much.

  2. Hi..nope i like not spending much but still making an impact with what i have done..
    take care


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