What we do at school..

School is back in full swing now..we have finished one topic and i have decided to carry it on with Insects and bugs..which should be fun to go and find them..looking under stones and in muddy patches in the garden

 This is Ferns..you have to really read the Paragraph..understand the information and then Find the Evidence..underline it in different colours..she loves doing things like this.
 This book is absolutely brilliant..its repetitive but believe me it is working..Iris can read but lacks confidence..so we spend 15 minutes very day doing a lesson from this book..it is helping her no end.

 These are breath boxes..basically you have to say as many words in one box in one breath..it fun and also she likes to see how many more she can do each time.
 Sight Phrases..are ingenious..to us its common sense that some words just go together..but little ones have to learn..now she can do 3/4 of these alone..
 Fern is a real bookworm..she would read all day if she could..Heggerty Haggerty and Hairy McClary are being read at the moment.
 Iris is reading The Golden Leaf..its a nice little book,,simple and fits in with some of the lesson from the Teach your child to read book..

So this is what we get up to during school ..its fun and i love to make it fun..if they are not into it then we stop..its not worth trying to teach them..so we leave it alone and start afresh next day,thankfully we don't have many days like this only when they are poorly .I am lucky that they both want to learn and enjoy all we do.Plus they have to put up with me taking pictures.
take care all


  1. You make the girls lessons look so interesting. I agree with you if it is a day when they are not interested in a particular subject it is as well to wait until tomorrow. A good nights sleep and a fresh look at it is usually just what they need.

    Love to you all

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..exactly..if its not working it then start again next day..much better after a break..i like to make it fun..i remember some of my lessons at school were just brain numbing ..not allowed to talk or move..just sit and read..i never learnt much in that particular lesson..i wouldn't want the girls to be bored so i read up on what i am teaching and plan it out so its one continuous lesson..
      love you

  2. We love Hairy Maclarey from Donaldsons dairy too! And of course his friend Bottomley Potts
    x x

    1. Hi Sarah..yes Fern loves them..she is a true book worm..


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