1st of October..

Wow can you all believe its the 1st of October today..blimey where has the month gone..wasn't that long ago i did a post on September..time flies ladies it flies.
The weather is just fantastic..i have had my laundry all dried by the sun for free..got a few more jobs done in the garden and being honest just enjoying the lovely days.
We decided to go to Belton today..it was quite foggy when we set off but by the time we got there it was all clear and warming up nicely.
The Adventure Playground was empty..look i took a picture..we had it all to ourselves.

We had an fantastic time ..we got on just about everything..then a wander around and have lunch in the cubby.
We went in the book shop and found some more books..will do a post on books later on..
The Trust also had a huge table set up giving away Apples..i had some of the Cookers..gave a few pounds as a donation.
 On the way home we picked up Conkers..so shiny..
 Look at the size of that Acorn ..its the Daddy of them all..couldn't find his cup though.
 We did some Bark rubbings as well..below is Oak
 This one is Beech..
All in all we have had a great October 1st..how about you ladies have you?


  1. Our 1st of October was wet and dreary. I noticed that the squirrels have been looking for places to hid their acorns. I don't think they remember where they are when they go looking later. It was great that the girls had the playground to themselves. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  2. Hi Joan..i think your right about the squirrels..they were out in force at Belton but too quick for me to take a picture of them..am sorry your day was dreary..i hope that you get some sunshine..o it was brilliant to have it all to ourselves..i went on the zip wires and see-saws and the pic above with the 3 tyres is amazing..we were all on them and got bounced all over..am sure i have the tyre imprint on my bum


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