School work..

Hello all..i hope your ok and have enjoyed at least some sunshine this weekend..unfortunately its now raining..o well tis the season for it.
At school last week we continued with our Food Chain theme..will post about that when we have done the meantime as well as the Math,English and Reading we have started on Weights and to change it from Pounds and Ounces to Grams and Kilograms..thankfully my set of scales are digital and can do this for them..we worked how many Grams=Ounces and how many Ounces are in a was quite fun showing them much of one thing looks compared to another thing..i gave Fern some items to weigh in Pounds and Ounces and then convert it to Grams and Kilograms..she enjoyed it and Iris had fun just weighing different objects.
To start with we used my old scales..they had fun balancing them and working out the old weights..put Grams on the dish and then Ounces on the scale..adding extra and taking away to make them balance..they loved it.

We will continue more on this and do Liquid measures next.
take care


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