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Hello all..i hope that your all well.
This week has been busy with School being in full swing and Sam going to the Allotment and bringing home all the veg..i have been busy freezing it all..this time of year is extremely busy yet i do so love it..i love to have all the veg frozen and safely stored away for Winter..the Potatoes have been harvested and sorted into sacks and stored away .
I gave my Mum and my friend some of our excess.
Some old toy bricks i have started to re-do

I have a plan for them,i am going to stencil letters on and the arrange them to spell out the Season we are in.

Our old baby walker..it was a beat up pine colour..i repainted it and we are going to use it to put pumpkins in.

Our little Autumn  decorations.

The Autumn Wreath i made last year.
 In between all that i baked..i made some new things this time.

Carrot cake Muffins

The obligatory tarts but some Treacle ones this time.

Almond Slices

Lemon Brownies very yummy..like Lemon slices from a certain Mr.Kipling

Peanut Butter Slices.
I have decided to make one extra thing a week and freeze it..just in case of illness or can't be bothered days.
I bought Iris a waterproof jacket ,,it arrived and wow what a bargain i got.

One very happy little girl.
What have you all been doing this week.


  1. Are you sure you have enough cakes there??!! :-)

    btw they look luscious

  2. Hi Sue..haha..thank you
    take care

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome anytime for a cake.
      take care


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