Autumn crafts and chicken letters

Well our Autumn decorations are in full swing now..we have one afternoon a week doing craft stuff..its a break for them and i just love cleaning glitter out my carpet lol..
Iris made a lovely Autumn themed canvas

Fern made  leaf balls by pining them on polystyrene balls

I gave her a thimble to save her thumb
 Teaching Handwriting is hard..its either enormous letters or teeny tiny letters that you need a magnifying glass to see.
I found this on divides up the letters into 3 styles
Chicken Letters..sit on the line and not go to the top of it.
Giraffe Letters..are the tall long letters that go all the way to the top.
Monkey Letters..are the the ones that have tails to hang on the lines.
I put little labels on lego bricks to make it more fun

Fern doing her Handwriting

Our new topic for this month is The Food Chain.I have found lots of ideas and activities for them to do.
I will post more pics of their work as we do it.
take care


  1. My hubby has poor penmanship and could have used those tools. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you Joan..i find it invaluable to help little ones learn to stay on the lines.
    take care


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