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Hello all..i hope that your all ok..
Well everything is growing well and i am looking forward to reaping the rewards of a well looked after allotment..our garden fruit tree's are doing well ..unfortunately the pear tree we bought to pollinate the other one has turned out to be something bearing wicked looking will have to be dug up and got rid was labelled Pear Tree Conference when we bought it..i am terrifed of one of the little flowers falling in.
Look at the bucket of Beetroot at least 10 in there..thats brilliant..its now frozen and packed away.
 The real Pear tree is bearing fruits..only about 12 but thats better than previous years.
 One of the Apple trees has plenty on it..even after we thinned it.
 Look at our plums..ooh i am so excited to try these..its the 1st year its had fruit..we only planted it last year.
 Our other Apple tree..its only 2 so to have fruit on it is really good.
 Here is the "we thought you were a Pear tree"..i did think its leaves were not the same as the other but then again i am no tree expert.
 Can you see the thorn sticking would know about it if that stuck you..its in the middle of the picture.
 Our lovely pond Lillies are flowering away on sunny days..aren't they beautiful.
 The Bull Rushes are abundant this year..look how many there is..i like to pick these..let them dry in the greenhouse then let the girls run around with them..seeds flying all over looked like it had been snowing in our garden last year.
 Now this little fella caused me quite a few moments of heartache..firstly as i was washing up i thought i saw something extremely colourful in the conifer at the bottom of the garden out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't see it when i looked up..then i saw a flash of colour this time i thought maybe the children at the bottom of the garden had a new ball or something flying around their garden.I looked properly this time only to see him fly from the conifer to our tree's..o my what a beauty he is.
I don't think my pictures do him justice at all..a lovely peachy colour.

 He must have escaped from somebodies Aviary..o the poor thing. I tried all sorts to tempt him down so i could catch him and keep him safe. I whistled,talked and generally made a fool of myself in the garden trying to make him feel safe enough..i put out some water and food but to no avail..after a few hours he flew away never to be seen again.
 Part of me is hoping he made it to safety..the other part knows that he is more than likely dead..probably attacked by other birds. The poor little fella/lady.
May your wings always take you safety little birdie.

So ladies can any of you identify the bird or plant with the wicked thorns on it?
Take care


  1. Hi Sara,

    Jess says he wonders whether the pear was grafted on to quince stock because that has thorns.

    Marie xx

  2. Hi Marie..we did think it maybe a Quince..a second opinion is always has to be dug out..too dangerous to have in the garden..such a shame though
    Thank Jess for me..


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