Hot enough to fry an egg???

Good morning everyone..i hope your all ok and enjoying the cooler weather this morning..rules still apply though..plenty of suncream ok.

Well we had the radio on yesterday and the presenter said it felt hot enough to fry an egg, so i decided to just try it as an experiment.

We put an aluminium pan outside in full for an hour to warm up..

We cracked our egg and nope not even a sizzle..nevermind..
Our next experiment was to see how long it took an ice cube to melt in the sun and one in the shade..the results are surprising.
There is an ice cube in there..hard to see in the sun

Ice cube in the shade

the one in the shade surprisingly melted first.

The one in full sun took a minute longer..i am thinking it was the bowl being might have reflected the heat..but not sure.
Unfortunately the heat got to some of our little plants yesterday..we lost some cuttings in the greenhouse which hit temperatures of 47.5f..or thats hot.
So today i hope you all enjoy the cooler weather and maybe just maybe the thunderstorm the girls and i have been waiting for will arrive.
take care all


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