Garden goings on.

Hello again everyone..what a lovely kind of with sunny spells..makes a change from boiling..we took this opportunity to get on with a few things in the garden.
This border has been driving me potty for a while was originally level with the path but over the years it has got higher. This is our fault really..all the old compost from plant pots and greenhouse got thrown there and over time it got to the point that when i planted bulbs or flowers and when i went to water them the water would run off.
 The only things that really grow in it are poppies and weeds..
 Can you see how its been built up from the ground..

Two wheel barrows later and it looks better.
We put down a soak hose to soak it was so dry the plants came up so easily..
We are planning on making it into a fuschia bed.
I took the time the other night to sit in the garden and look at the you ever do that?
I saw these clouds..not spectacular but unusual..
Beautiful colours..
I had my trusty camera with me so i perused the garden looking for things to Cucamelon is finally getting going..if you look closely just behind the flower you can see a tiny one just beginning to swell.
The Sweet Potato cuttings are doing really..we took it out of water and the others out of compost to plant in hanging baskets..the one in water wilted when planted but the other 2 have taken well.
Its the one on the right..the other is doing well too.
The flowers are Surfinia Sunray..they will all fill out the basket nicely

I collected cucumbers yesterday..look at these little beauties..i gave 2 to my friend and 1 to my mum and dad.
I love to get stuff done in the garden especially when it's cool.
We have got a few more bits done..the windows were all cleaned upstairs and down,inside and out by us this week.
We have cut the grass and weeded borders.
My son has been to the allotment and brought home New Potatoes and Gooseberries..i can see crumbles and pies being made also some yummy jam if we get a glut of them which i am secretly hoping for.

What are you all going to make with your crops this year
take care


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