Broke but happy.

Hi all,how are you all doing?
Are you loving the cooler weather..we are. We are on the road to recovery thankfully..lots of icecream and my antibiotics have kicked in..hopefully the house will be virus free by the end of the week..fingers crossed.
I have decided to not do any schooling until we are all fully recovered..its a waste of time as they can't concentrate and i get impatient so its time off for us.

Our bills have all been paid and its tight very tight..but we have been worse off and managed so we will again. I  realize there are people a lot worse off than we are so i am grateful for all i have.We are lucky as we have no debts at took us 5 years to pay them off and the relief was immense.I can remember being so excited to make my final credit card felt so good and my husband was very happy about it..however the woman on the end of the phone was a party pooper ..then preceeded to offer me another credit card or a loan and told me that sooner or later i would need a credit card..pah no way..i have managed for the last 4 years now without one and i will manage without one in the future.If we need anything then we save up to buy it, if we can't afford it then we don't buy it ..its that simple. I like being debt free..we don't have a lot of money coming in but we have budgeted and paid our bills,no-one has gone hungry and we have also managed to buy some extra bits that weren't on the budget. Our goals are the same now as they were when we had our lightbulb simply,be happy,grown our own and make do and mend as often as we can..for instance at this moment my husband is sitting outside sewing up our leaf blower bag,the zip has gone and we don't have one to replace my bright idea was to sew it up and make it into an envelope ..that way we can use velcro and buttons to hold the leaves inside..we could replace it but at a  cost of £25..we just don't have that amount to spare.

When my husband worked full time and money was no object then the budget was thrown out the window..we bought what we wanted when we wanted..bought lots of rubbish and ended up with lots of clutter and things we didn't need.

I have to be honest here..because we had no debts and money was plentiful our lives were drifting away from the goals we wanted to live by..our Good Life dream was slipping away from us and it was making us miserable. We needed to get back on our path. It may seem ridiculous but my husband being ill has totally changed our lives..does that sound bad? It made us wake up with a jolt to all that had been happening to us, sounds daft but we don't  have  much money but we are happier now than we were just before Christmas last year. Don't get me wrong we both worry about his health and what will happen in the future but for now we are making the best of everything we have.

We have rediscovered our love of the simple things,the joy of mending something and even better the delight when the food we have grown is put on the table for our family to eat..we love going to second hand shops and finding a bargain or turning something old into something new..making our own jams and chutneys and giving them as gifts.
We have found our way,sold things and gave some away..i use Ebay like its my own personal shop..changed my shopping habits and this has led to our eating habits changing for the better i may add.
I found lots of encouragement and tips on blogs ..Frugal Queen,The Prudent Homemaker, Our New Life in the Country and lots of others..these blogs were the inspiration for me and i hope they continue to inspire others.

How are you manging money wise doing ok or working towards being debt is totally worth the sacrifice..the feeling is so good to finally wake up and now that what money you do have is all yours..keep going and be strong..there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you have a budget in place and stick to it?
Do you meal plan and shop accordingly?


  1. I hope hubby's health will improve. But I must admit, I tend to agree with you. I often find myself wishing hubby's job away. It sounds so ungrateful as he has what most people would consider a great job, but it keeps him too busy and I think keeps us off track. I have found the same as you - we spend too much without thinking and are just drifting in the consumer stream, not really working towards a dream or a real goal. So I totally understand your perspective here.

  2. Thank husbands health is stable at the moment ..just needed to get his medication sorted out. I know a lot of people will disagree with what i wrote but its my honest opinion..he did work too hard,every conversation was about work and if he wasn't talking about he was thinking of it.
    We were also drifting along on the tide of consumerism..i looked around my home and thought "why did i buy that?" because i could is the real answer.
    I so hope you find your path and i set small goals for myself and family..small steps is the way to go.
    take care


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