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Well this week was hectic but a productive one too.
We finally made a start on re-decorating the girls bedroom..it was originally planned to be done early April but unfortunately we all got a rather nasty tummy bug that absolutely knocked us off our feet..i'm talking projectile vomit,severe stomach cramps and all that nasty stuff the other end too..and for about a week afterwards i had jelly legs and no energy at all.Thankfully we are fully recovered now.
So onwards with the painting,it took 4 coats of paint to cover the one wall,then a whole tin of gloss to paint chests of drawers and wardrobes plus the beds got an updo as well.
The wallpaper arrived in time to do drawer fronts and wardrobe doors..so a majority of the work is done its just the little extras now..the girls absolutely love it and so do i..it has given us ideas for our room when that gets done.
We spent every morning working on Math and Handwriting..FT1 is doing her times tables and doing good as well. FT2 is doing double digit addition and mastering it..we read everyday and learn one topic a month.

We finally got to meet our beautiful grand-daughters..Esme and Olivia..born at 32 weeks and totally perfect in everyway..they are mono-mono twins and had to be born early for their safety and our Daughters..bless they all look great and are settling down into family life well.

Our allotment is looking great and doing well..we have our name down for another one,this one will be for fruit only and maybe a pumpkin..fingers crossed we get one soon.
Our frugal things we have done this week are
I mended 4 pairs of socks
I was given a pair of thermal lined curtains(bedroom ideas again)

I made cakes and cookies from ingredients i have in my little pantry.

I scented my loo-rolls
I made my own home-made air fresheners.

I got my laundry dry outside.
I sold an item on Ebay
Things i learnt this week..how to transfer pics from my camera to my laptop..so here are some nice shots i got when we went to Belton House..and i swear that deer was giving me the evil eye lol.
Giving me the evil eye..
and finally it was my little Grandson Sam's birthday yesterday..he has a nasty cold on his birthday..unfair really..he is absolutely into Marvel Avengers and Transformers..we got him this..
Only a £1 for the lot.

Also i hit old book gold at a little shop ,here are my treasures

Well that was my week.How was yours?


  1. Hello there. another lovely blog for me to read! I love reading them all and picking up tips. You're not that far from us - we're in Nottinghamshire. I shall be reading your archives (once I have got myself up to date with your friend Sue's archives!!). P.S. I am quite new to blog land although I don't blog myself. (Mrs LH)

  2. Hi Mrs LH..your welcome here anytime..i am new to blogging myself but have been reading them for a long time..i love picking up tips and sharing all i do..


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